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My research relies heavily on an active fieldwork schedule, and I have spent several months each year in Malaysia and Indonesia conducting linguistic research on Borneo. I have recently been intrigued by the prospect of working on the Austro-Tai hypothesis. I will be giving an invited talk on Language Revitalization at the International Austronesian language revitalization forum in Palau, September 29th through October 2nd.

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Look for my presentation notes, which I plan to upload shortly after the conference. My next paper is on the reconstruction of Proto-Segai-Modang, a Bornean subgroup that is best known as containing languages with a Mainland Southeast Asian phonological typology of large vowel inventories, di- and triphthongs, a sesqui- or monosyllabic word structure, and an overall dramatic departure from typical Austronesian phonology. The paper contains much interesting data. Look for it in the next issue of Oceanic Linguistics. On the mechanics syntax of indexical shift: Evidence from allocutive agreement in Magahi.

Manuscript to be revised , Rutgers University. Switch-reference in American languages: A synthetic overview. To appear in D.

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Alexander D. Smith

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Chapter 1: Introduction: the issue of structural case. Contact me if you need more information.

Human Language Sentences - Basic Parse Trees, X-Bar Theory & Ambiguity -- Linguistics 101

On dependent ergative case in Shipibo and its derivation by phase. Linguistic Inquiry Manuscript version. Rethinking Amharic prepositions as case markers inserted at PF. Lingua Pseudo-Noun Incorporation as covert noun incorporation: linearization and crosslinguistic variation.

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