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The year was bloody on the Plains as various Indian tribes, including the Southern The year was bloody on the Plains as various Indian tribes, including the Southern Cheyenne and the Southern Sioux, joined with their northern relatives to wage war on the white man. This role included operating scout dog training programs at Fort Benning, GA, and in Vietnam and establishing infantry-manned, scout dog platoons employed in support of combat operations.

The MWD program endured four decades of peace and brief contingency operations from the end of the Vietnam era to the current Global War on Terrorism. The program remained firmly embedded in the Military Police Corps combat support, law and order, and force protection missions.


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In late , the onset of military operations in Afghanistan provided the impetus to expand MWD capabilities in support of commanders in the field. In , as a direct result of an immediate operational need in Afghanistan, Army leadership directed the establishment of an Army mine detection dog unit and embedded it in the Corps of Engineers.

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In , as a result of cooperation between the U. Army Engineer School and the U.

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Combat tracker dogs are returning to Army use as well, along with a very limited number of human remains detector or cadaver search dogs. The BTC is a unique three day class 24 hours meant to familiarize students with basic tracking principles. This course is uniquely designed to provide the general public with tracking knowledge and elementary skills. For the outdoor enthusiast, sportsman, or avid hunter, the Basic Tracking Course is a popular training option.

The BTC provides students with an informative and practical introduction to the tracking skillset.