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INTERVIEW: Jacqueline Carey, Part 1

Most UK covers were similar to the US version. I'm not sure if these beautiful covers of the Imriel trilogy were only for paperback?

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Again, very beautiful. I always admired British book covers and the Naamah series doesn't make a difference.

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You might have noticed the new one - seems Moirin's going to finish some bear business. According to readers who posted on Jacqueline's Facebook page, this is a pre-release version of the "Naamah's Curse" cover. Personally, I like it better than the one printed, as I think it fits better with the first cover. Anyway - in the end, they're both brilliant. No, this is not the first Kushiel trilogy Even worse, the third part has never been released!

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Anyway, this lovely pink thingy was the beginning of my love with Jacqueline's work, so there was something good in that version after all. Now, the paperback edition finally used the original covers. Although they mixed up the order, I think they look fantastic! Still, if one far too far away day the Imriel trilogy might be released, I wonder what they would use for "Kushiel's Scion"? Seems no other country has been interested in the "Sundering" duology so far, but well, this is the German soft-cover edition.

However, it seems I was partly wrong when I criticized the naming. But then, the full German titles are still a bit lengthy. Don't ask me who this lady is supposed to be.

See, however: they simplified the names! What an amazingly beautiful artwork! Some time ago, I asked if French readers might feel special about those books. However, the books seem to sell well in France. Lovely again! Many thanks to my friend Anna who found this alternative cover of "La Marque"! It seems rather sketchy, so it is probably a pre-release version. Last cover out!

The French Imriel trilogy was released with only slightly modified UK covers. I always loved them, especially as they show Imriel at least on the second volume. The title on the left picture translates as "The Heir of Kushiel", but it differs from the printed version. Thanks again to Christine for the clarification! Although the mask in the new title for "Kushiel's Avatar" doesn't make much sense.

Apart from the cover artwork, it appears nowhere. Oh, and I really love that rose ornament on the first book. Why didn't they carry on with it? Another version with different font style. I'm not sure which one was first Sadly, they split up Imriel's trilogy in Italy - at least only into two books each. More Like This. Other Editions and Formats. Choose a Format.

Jacqueline Carey

Central Science Fiction. Place Hold. Date Edition Publisher Phys Desc.

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Language Availability First paperback printing. Grand Central Publishing, xv, pages : map ; 18 cm. English Available.

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Reviews from GoodReads. But when Imriel departs to study at the famed University of Tiberium, the perils he faces turn infinitely more deadly. Searching for wisdom, he finds instead a web of manipulation, where innocent words hide sinister meanings, and your lover of last night may become your hired killer before dawn. Now a simple act of friendship will leave Imriel trapped in a besieged city where the infamous Melisande is worshiped as a goddess; where a dead man leads an army; and where the prince must face his greatest test: to find his true self.

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Kushiel's Legacy - Book Series In Order

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