Manual Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS): Fundamentals and Applications

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Scaffidi, W. Pearman, J. Carter, B. Colston Jr. Michael Angel.

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Michel and A. Jon Scaffidi, S. Michael Angel, and David A. Contact us to learn more. Russo, X. Mao, H. Liu, J. Yoo, S.

Mao: Appl. A 69 [Suppl. A sample preparation-free measurement experience Extremely fast measurement time, usually a few seconds, for a single spot analysis Broad elemental coverage, including lighter elements, such as H, Be, Li, C, N, O, Na, and Mg Versatile sampling protocols that include fast raster of the sample surface and depth profiling Thin-sample analysis without the worry of the substrate interference. So how does LIBS work?

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Lifecycle of laser-produced air sparks.

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So how does LIBS work?

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