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After the Soviet assault began, Misch remembered generals and Nazi brass coming and going as they tried desperately to cobble together a defense of the capital with the ragtag remains of the German military. The war is lost.

Everybody can go. But that same day, Hitler clung to hope given by what turned out to be a false report that the Western Allies had called upon Germany to hold Berlin for two more weeks against the Soviets so that they could battle communism together. On April 28, Misch saw the familiar figures of Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels and Hitler confidant Martin Bormann enter the bunker with a man he had never seen before. That night, Hitler and longtime mistress Eva Braun were married in a short ceremony in which they both pledged they were of pure Aryan descent before taking their vows and signing a registry book.

After the bodies were carried outside, an SS guard ran down the stairs and tried to get Misch to join the spectacle outside as the two were covered in gasoline and set alight. But instead Misch hastily retreated deeper into the bunker to talk with comrade Hentschel.

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But Misch stuck to his post — taking and directing telephone calls with Goebbels as his new boss until May 2, when he was given permission to flee. Misch grabbed the rucksack he had packed and fled with a few others into the rubble of Berlin.

Working his way through cellars and subways, Misch bumped into a large group of civilians seeking shelter in one tunnel. Misch later heard German voices above through an air ventilation shaft and climbed up to try his luck.

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But the voices came from about soldiers who had been taken prisoner, and the Soviet guards grabbed him as well. Following the German surrender May 7, Misch was taken to the Soviet Union, where he spent the next nine years in prisoner of war camps before being allowed to return to Berlin in He reunited with his wife Gerda, whom he had married in and who died in , and opened up a shop.

Not like what is written. Racial mixing? Read Next. State Dept. This story has been shared , times. This story has been shared 79, times. This story has been shared 63, times. By Associated Press. View author archive Get author RSS feed. Name required.

Hitler's personal bodyguards undergoing a drill inspection in Berlin, 1938

Email required. No GI Joes here. Oddly, Germans. Worse, they were World War II Germans — you know, when the guy with that trim mustache was destroying Europe and genociding millions. An observant follower tweeted an important question at me about who these camouflaged guys were. Specifically, the camouflage worn by some troops in the photo was issued only to the SS in the last year of the war.

Let some of my tweets do the talking:.

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It is unmistakably this one below. The picture in question is actually of recent vintage. It soon emerged that it was taken a few years ago in England, at a living history event.

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Yes, there really are people who run around in Nazi uniforms for fun. Back in , a Republican running for Congress in Ohio got into hot water when it emerged , with pictures above , that he liked to put on Waffen-SS garb on the weekends.

Thus was WaffenSSGate born. Trump pulled down his tweet once the mistake was realized and the blame was soon placed, predictably, on an intern. His poll numbers continually rise. I always advocate people learning more history.