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Holdridge, a former NCAC ally who mounted two presidential campaigns. Correspondents include Bruce Barton, Charles F. Boss, Louis Bromfield, Henry J. Cadbury, Roscoe S. Reuter, Eleanor Roosevelt, John M. Swomley, and E. Paul Weaver. He was imprisoned for his walkout in a segregated federal prison in Danbury CT. He had a long history of activism, participating in in the student strike on the campus of the University of Chicago.

In he participated in the Journey of Reconciliation, the first freedom ride bus trip in the South. From forward, Wally and his wife Juanita were war tax resisters. His papers include correspondence, writings and reports. The Bureau assisted men who were subject to the draft process, and defended the legal rights of C. The Bureau fought against the deportation of members of the International Workers of the World. Its records include an extensive newspaper clipping file, C. Limited personal papers include biographical clippings, copies of articles and papers, information on his status as a C.

Contact: Wisconsin Historical Society Archives. Robert Pickus Papers, 0. His papers includes a scrapbook of newspaper clippings and court transcripts and proceedings, ca. Platt is a former teacher of biology at Bethel College. His papers consist of a photocopy of his June - ca. June diary. Contact: Menno Simons Historical Library and Archives, Eastern Mennonite University Resistance [Organization] Records, CDGA 5 linear inches The Resistance was an American movement which grew out of opposition to the Vietnamese Conflict and to the introduction of a new draft law, effective July , which was interpreted as "an attempt to buy off student dissent.

On Oct. The Resistance had cells in many cities across the United States. It also had an English counterpart called Stop It, composed of Americans living in Great Britain who appealed to fellow Americans there to oppose the draft. This collection includes correspondence, flyers and other printed matter, and reference files on draft resistance.

Her papers reflect that one of her interests was conscientious objection. He was involved in draft counseling during the Vietnamese Conflict, and was a professor at Hamilton College. His correspondence includes letters responding to requests for support of C. He wrote letters on their behalf to various draft boards. RV; Micro 15 cubic feet [40 reels of microfilm] Ross was a supporter of liberal causes and an influential sociologist at the University of Wisconsin.

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After he retired from active teaching in , he lectured frequently on behalf of temperance education, worked for the American Committee for the Defense of Leon Trotsky, and aided the American Civil Liberties Union during the early years of WWII in support of C. Rustin Papers, CDGA 2 linear inches Rustin was a Pennsylvania-born, African American Quaker who was concerned with nonviolence, socialism, civil rights, race relations, and international relations.

He was imprisoned during WWII for draft refusal based on his absolute pacifism. His papers include his writings and speeches. Photographs of Rustin are also available. Rustin Papers, [bulk ] mm 20 linear feet See above for biographical information. His papers include correspondence, memoranda, speeches, notes, photographs and other material that document his leading role in the African American civil rights movement, his advocacy for international human rights and social reform, and his pacifism. The papers were microfilmed before they were received at the Library of Congress; a copy of the film is available for research use in the Manuscript Reading Room.

Contact: Manuscript Division, Library of Congress. He settled in Cleveland OH and became active in several anti-war organizations.

His papers, a portion of which are in Yiddish, contain correspondence, legal records, newsclippings, annotated calendars, and his autobiography "I Was Sentenced to Be Shot," which details his life and anti-war activities. The papers include petitions, published editorials, accounts of prominent members of the Free Quakers, and correspondence. Contact: Friends Historical Library H.

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Schmidt Papers, MLA. He assisted many young men in establishing C. His papers include correspondence with young men seeking advice or assistance with draft classification problems, with Mennonite Central Committee officials, and with other groups concerned with classification issues. They also contain information regarding the creation and operation of the I-W program. Mark A.

Modern England, 1901-1984

Schmucker Papers, Hist. He was a 22 year old student at Goshen College at the time, and the third person in the nation to be prosecuted after a presidential proclamation reinstating draft registration. His college degree was in chemical engineering; he later earned an M. He married Mary Koontz on Jan. He entered Civilian Public Service on Jan. Most of his collection of papers is made up of correspondence from his men and women friends during the years he was in CPS.

Contact: Swarthmore College Peace Collection Selective Service System Records, Record Group The subset of this mammoth collection that might be of most interest to most researchers is It includes case files of conscientious objectors, including indexes, and locator cards for conscientious objectors sent to Civilian Public Service camps. Contact: U. Presented by Mr. To the Legislature of the state of New-York" [re: protest against the militia acts of and , under which such members of the Society "as are liable, according to law, are subjected to militia fines, or a commutation in lieu thereof, or in default, to suffer imprisonment" , BX W2S6 - "Remonstrance of the United Society, called Shakers, against the passage of a certain law.

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In , he and his wife, Willia Seidenberg, began interviewing war protesters and taking their pictures. In , the portraits and some text from the interviews were shown at the Addison Gallery of American Art in an exhibit entitled "A Matter of Conscience" and a companion booklet was published [available through interlibrary loan]. Lee Hebel entitled "Lutheran C. Leavitt entitled "Problems of obtaining C. Lloyd Spaulding and Blanche Spaulding Papers, ca. His papers document his interaction with the Selective Service System, his time in CPS and in prison, as well as his and his wife's later careers.

Stauffer Papers, I-MS His collection includes correspondence with men who were serving in CPS in , as well as a pamphlet by Sanford G. His papers include background material, notes and manuscripts about his research into C. Of particular interest are interviews he conducted [available on three reel-to-reel tapes and in transcript form] re: C.

Miller, Oct. Zigler, Oct. His small collection includes material relating to his service as a C. Tabak Papers, M 0.

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Unitarian Universalist Association, Dept. Subcommittees were set up to plan activities such as poster walks, working for liberal candidates during election year, and helping C. The United Pacifist Committee's most important activity was its annual United Pacifist Conference, held from to Its records include correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, and material about the conferences it sponsored yearly.

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Most defendants belonged to Mennonite or Amish denominations, though a few were affiliated with the Old German Baptist Brethren or with the Wesleyan Methodists. Ten non-Mennonites were a part of a group of 41 court-martialled together and their records are included on the microfilm, though their names are not listed in the table of contents. Compiled in from files at the National Archives RG Ten monographs were published by the press: the first Ten War Elegies by Everson was published in April ; moved to Pasadena CA in or , after the camp was demobilized.

Collection includes ten monographs published by Untide Press; three issues of The Illiterati printed by the Untide Press , publication notices, and two letters between William Everson and Will Ransom.