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To find out more, see our Privacy and Cookies policy. Close this notification. Journal of High Energy Physics. Download Article PDF. Share this article. Article information. Author e-mails. Various general dynamical results supporting this construction, such as the light-wedge causality condition and the integrability condition for Tomonaga-Schwinger equation, are presented.

Noncommutative quantum field theory

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B 39 Crossref Google Scholar. Roberts, The Quantum structure of space-time at the Planck scale and quantum fields Comm.

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Seiberg and E. Witten, String theory and noncommutative geometry J.

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High Energy Phys. Watts, Noncommutative string theory, the R-matrix and Hopf algebras Phys. Oeckl, Untwisting noncommutative R d and the equivalence of quantum field theories Nucl.

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Chaichian and A. Drinfeld, Quasi-Hopf algebras Leningrad Math. Chaichian, A. Demichev and P.

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    Presnajder, M. Sheikh-Jabbari and A.

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    Tureanu, Noncommutative gauge field theories: a no-go theorem Phys. Karabali, H. Kawai, O. Lechtenfeld, D. Polychronakos, V. Rivasseau, H. Steinacker, R. Szabo, S.


    Watamura, P. Vitale, G. Relationships between noncommutative geometry and integrable systems, supersymmetric gauge theories, and particle phenomenology. Noncommutative geometry in string theory. Formal aspects of quantization, including higher bracket structures and membrane models. Matrix models. Tensor models and group field theory. We expect to learn about renormalisation from this almost solvable model.

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    Renormalizable noncommutative quantum field theory. Research Article First Online: 10 August This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Grosse, H.