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Medical sociology and pharmacy practice 1. To support this practice it is essential that there be an established national framework of quality standards and guidelines. They, in turn, are connected with one another in families, organizations and health systems in countries and cultures around the world.

Thus, when trying to explain, understand or change pharmacy practice, the natural sciences simply do not provide adequate tools or perspectives. They need to be supplemented with knowledge from the disciplines that deal with people and systems, i. This linkage emphasises that this is an applied field of research, concerned with both understanding and improving pharmacy practice and medication use.

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Supply, distribution and availability of services 2. Demand of services 3. Organisation and process of service delivery 4. Delinquency and delinquent behavior, including definitions, extent, process, types and causes; methods of prevention, protective control and treatment; institutional and non-institutional facilities and services.

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Graduate students are exposed to and get acquainted with the academic and professional nature of the field of sociology from the experience of several faculty members. Some of the topics that will be covered include writing theses, doing internships and seeking graduate work and careers. Examination of advanced methods of data collection in sociological research. Students are introduced to the academic and professional nature of Sociology.

Topics covered include professional socialization, honor theses, portfolio construction, preparation for graduate studies, and career development. This course examines the bases, varieties and consequences of systems of inequality, including the development of and changes in inequality patterns in the US and other societies. Discussion among faculty and students devoted to the study of Sociology with a special focus on the development of a professional portfolio for graduate work or career. An analysis of the sociocultural factors in health and illness, and in medical and paramedical services, and in the field of health practice as a social institution.

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This course examines qualitative methods used in social science research. Focusing on ethnographic and qualitative methods, the course provides students the skills necessary to design and conduct qualitative research studies. Fingerprint Sick Role. Systems Analysis.

Importance of Sociology & Psychology to Pharmacy

Health Services. Research Personnel. Pharmacy Research.

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