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In Target Bodybuilding , Per Tesch combines the two to present weightlifting techniques that magnetic resonance imaging MRI has revealed to be most beneficial for muscle building and sculpting. The book begins with an explanation of the MRI technology and how the information acquired from it takes the guesswork out of training.

1. Range of Motion (ROM)

Tesch then provides a brief anatomical overview, focusing most on the major arm and leg muscle groups that will be targeted in the exercise section that follows. A total of 60 lifts are included for the biceps, triceps, thigh, and calf muscles. Two large photos showing the starting and lifting positions are shown for each lift. Instructions for proper lifting technique accompany the photos.

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On a facing page, an enlarged photograph of the specific muscle group and body part is complemented by a description of the muscle function involved in the lift. The back squat the so called granddaddy of leg movements is the quintessential exercise for developing impressive quads. Get under the bar in a squat rack and place the bar on a comfortable position across your upper back on your trapezius muscle.

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Grasp the bar with both hands out to the sides on the bar for stability. Now, step back from the rack into a shoulder-width stance or a little wider. This is crucial: begin the movement by bending your knees first.

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Do not bend at the hips or back at the beginning of the movement, this will cause you to pitch forward. Lower the weight until your hamstrings touch your calves or you reach a comfortable range of motion ROM. Drive the weight back up first utilizing your hips and then your knees. Do not lock your legs out at the top. The range of motion is entirely up to the individual. Using a full ROM is always the most ideal way to perform any exercise, but squats can raise questions regarding knee pain and back strain. For a rule of thumb, descend as far as you are comfortable and then return to the start.

Just remember not to short change yourself and take it as a challenge. Squats are a tough movement, but the reward is well worth it. To hit the inner quads vastus medialis a little more try doing squats with more of a wide stance and the toes slightly pointed out. For front squats position yourself under the bar in front of you and rest the bar in the crook of your shoulder girdle across your deltoids. Cross your forearms over one another and steady the bar on either side.

Keep your upper arms parallel with the floor and your head up.

Pick up the weight and step back with a shoulder-width stance. Perform the movement as you would a back squat. You will notice that you are able to keep your back a little straighter throughout this movement. Front squats target the quads a little better than the traditional back squat which involves more hip strength. If you are new to front squats and need added stability, perform them on a Smith machine for a while until you are comfortable with handling the weight.

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If you are a tall trainer and find yourself either pitching too far forward or your heels are rising off of the floor at the bottom of the movement, try placing a five or ten pound plate under each heel for added stability. This can be applied to either squat versions. To focus a little more on the outer sweep vastus lateralis of the quad nothing beats the hack squat.

With a moderate weight place yourself comfortably under the pads of the machine and take a shoulder width stance in the middle of the foot plate.

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Descend until you reach a full ROM and then return to the starting position. Make sure not to accelerate into the descent too much as this will put too much strain on your knees. Keep the movement at a steady pace.

Again, as with most leg movements, do not lock out your knees at the top. Some gyms are not equipped with a hack squat machine, but do not despair, there is a solution. Simply grasp a loaded barbell from behind your calves kind of a deadlift but with the weight behind your legs.

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With your back straight and your head up, begin lifting with your legs until you are almost standing straight up. Without locking your legs return the weight to the starting position without touching the floor. This movement requires very strict form and a moderate weight that can be handled easily until you are comfortable.

Another great mass builder is the traditional 45 degree angled leg press. The advantage of this machine is that it places very little if any stress on the lumbar area and focuses on the thighs to a greater extent. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! A collection of sixty exercises for high-definition body sculpting includes magnetic resonance imaging MRI scans to show exactly which muscles are used in each exercise.

It's guaranteed to become one of your favorite references for sculpting the perfect physique. Per Tesch has created a blockbuster contribution to the bodybuilding world-part reference book, part workout tool, and part training inspiration. It takes the science of bodybuilding to the next level and is a must for every weight trainer's library. Holman Editor-in-Chief, Ironman Magazine """Per Tesch's book is a unique merging of one of the most powerful scientific diagnostic technologies with the very visual art of bodybuilding.