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The Problem of Socialist Transformation

By a symbiotic logic, socialism and internationalism are interwoven ideologically, practically, and geopolitically. Any erosion of the former would cause and indicate the corrosion of the latter, and vice versa.

China’s economic transformation

Initially a main player in the historical movement of international communism and later a willing participant in capitalist globalization, China remains unsettled and ambiguous in a world increasingly integrated as much as torn apart. The last section briefly and critically examines globalist and traditionalist responses to the present crises in the country, and argues for a socialist alternative.

Only by resuming and developing socialism can the lost world of the international be reclaimed in China as the answer to its national and global challenges. Bradshaw, K.

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China’s Transformation towards Capitalism | SpringerLink

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China’s Transformation towards Capitalism

Kim, Y. For example, all the capitalists in a given trade such as textiles would parade together to CCP headquarters to the beat of gongs and the sound of firecrackers.

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Once there, they would present a petition to the government, asking that the major interest in their firms be bought out at the rate that the government deemed appropriate. The government would graciously agree. Such actions can be understood against the background of the experiences of the capitalists in the previous few years. The Five-Antis campaign of had terrorized many of them and left most deeply in debt to the government, owing purported back taxes and financial penalties. In any case, the state sector of the economy and the state controls over banking had increased to such a degree that the capitalists relied heavily on the government for the contracts and business necessary to keep from bankruptcy.

Thus, many Chinese capitalists saw the socialist transformation of —56 as an almost welcome development, because it secured their position with the government while costing them little in money or power.

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Connecting History

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