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Its much-publicised e-residency scheme , launched in , offers citizens everywhere access to its online platforms without them having to actually live in the country. E-residents can start a business, process payments and sign documents online, just like ordinary Estonians. His pitch is well-polished.

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We say no: the world has already changed. Meanwhile, it is pushing ahead with a LinkedIn-style social network and an app, to be launched this summer.

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At a time when Estonia needs to attract , immigrants just to retain its current population size of 1. Tallinn remains home to many Russian-speaking Estonians, left over from the industrial immigrants shipped over to labour in huge Soviet combinant plants. Young Russian-Estonians are twice as likely to be unemployed , while Russian schools in Tallinn have been refused the right to teach ethnic Russians in their own language. Memory here is long. The city reflects this continuing mistrust.

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Meanwhile, cracks are forming in the digital facade. On Facebook forums, debates multiply about where exactly e-residents are taxed and what the scheme entitles them to.

But it is almost impossible to understand what Estonia really gains from it. And people are becoming sceptical because there are no answers. Where the hell are all these people? Even the sceptics seem to agree that Tallinn is on the right track, though. Out of its post-Soviet ruin, Tallinn has rebuilt itself as a borderless digital city of the future, moving with a speed and flexibility that older bureaucracies lack.

Startups run on a rhetoric of irrational daring: if you can dream it, you can do it. Governments, on the other hand, have to work responsibly to protect every member of society.

Wandering Stars

For all its advances, Estonia still struggles with the worst income inequality in Europe. In the Estonian capital on the day the new visa was announced, it was C.

But the culture here is of a shoot-for-the-moon optimism. Follow Guardian Cities on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram to join the discussion, and explore our archive here. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Cities. Gravitational-wave signals from binary supermassive black holes could be lurking in data being gathered by the Gaia space telescope.

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Aboriginal traditions describe the complex motions of planets, the 'wandering stars' of the sky

The researchers hope to analyse the data in a few years when the astrometric measurements are released by the Gaia team. Most of these ripples in space—time came from merging pairs of black holes weighing in at tens of solar masses. We know that much larger supermassive black holes at millions or billions of solar masses exist and could form binary systems that broadcast GWs. Since its launch in by the European Space Agency, Gaia has been measuring the apparent positions of around a billion stars.

In the early s, it will release at least 80 readings for the positions of each star over 5—10 years, giving scientists a vast amount of data. Moore and his team realized that ultralow-frequency GWs would cause the apparent positions of distant stars relative to Earth to oscillate in subtle yet characteristic patterns.

Even after compressing the data by a factor of a million to reduce the required computational power, the team managed to recover the injected effects.

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